Erin Walsh, the photographer and digital artist behind Phlash Fotography & Artistry, was given the ironic moniker "Flash" by her friends at school due to her frequent inability to be ready to go anywhere on time. Perpetually the last to join the waiting group, she was often greeted with a chorus of "Flash, ah-ah, savior of the Universe", the theme song to "Flash Gordon". Erin has since mastered the art of time management, however the nickname stuck.

From humble beginnings working at MotoPhoto, a one-hour photo store, Erin has spent over two decades honing her skills in photography and digital photo manipulation. When she decided to launch her professional business, a clever Spoonerism offered the perfect company name. Incorporating her love of artistically altering images, Phlash Fotography & Artistry was born.

Erin is supported in all things by her husband, Kevin, and daughter, Abby, who are key consultants in the artwork creation process and provide invaluable assistance and daily support to the business.

Check out the Services and Show Schedule pages for information on services offered and 2014 art shows where you can see Erin's work in person.